Lethal beauty that was her

Keep your guard up avoid the spur

Delicacy wrapped in barbs

Be aware, use protect garb

Her siren’s call impels you forward

Nothing about her straightforward

As using caution you venture onward

Often accompanied by silent swearword

Come hither, then two steps back

Perhaps a different arsenal unpack

Either way, the challenge was at hand

A different sort of attack now planned

Once her guard was in place

Another strategy with slower pace

The effort the wait worthwile

No matter the cost, wear a smile

Sooner or later you’ll wear her down

Even now she wears a frown

Time to prove your intent sincere

Cards on the table, the rules so clear

Slowly relay the message yet again

Your sense of humour must remain

Rembering what’s at stake

Fills your heart no need to quake

When her love she finally gives

It’s pure real and forever lives








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