Oh it had zip and it had tang

He would go out with a bang

So lush, so juicy, so flavourful

Nothing could be more cheerful

Each bite so rich and saucy

Filling his senses with it’s piquancy

What a joy, oh what a thrill

He could picture his old coffee mill

Along side his favourite dish

As long as salsa was in the mix

He’d eat it for breakfast, lunch too

He loved it that much, it was so true

Never a day goes by imbibing anew

Recipe after recipe he’d tried and enjoyed

Each one tasty, delight never destroyed





8 thoughts to “Flavorful”

    1. Not sure why, wp at its finest. It’s my son’s bay tomorrow, so I doubt it’ll get fixed then but I’ll try. Marilyn had the same problem. She might know a quick fix. I keep adding her to approved list but it’s not working. She used to get to my site only when I clicked on someone else’s name. She shows up unapproved no matter what I do. Been this way, losing ppl their site, my site since wp upgraded or whatever the hell they did. Argh.

      1. Thanks for the reply. With me it is most people’s sites. I have logged out and in again just incase and even changed my password to no avail. I feel bad not liking a number of posts I would otherwise do. Hope they can fix it.

        1. It’s been 2 months now. I’m not impressed especially as we pay for the priviledge. We had to Uninstaller and reinstall the entire thing still not finding many favorites

          1. I reported it via a chat. I’ve done all sorts but it still doesn’t respond. But I can comment so there’s a bonus. 🙂

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