As the cool tender breeze,

Caresses my skin with ease

The green evergreen trees,

Distant memories tease

Rich vibrant colours,

Enhance and surround

The abundance of fall shimmers,

A taste, just a glimmer

Of riotous colour soon to be had,

Heart singing, rejoycing, so glad

As I experience the changing season,

Riotous colour, no I’m not dreaming

The joy a simple change can make,

So early, clearly daybreak

Sun shines an earthy warm glow,

On this forever trousseau

Abundantly welcome here and now,

In picture and memory endow

A feeling of change, unequalled

Never forgotten, never dulled




8 thoughts on “Beauty Awaits

        1. Awesome! Thrilled it’s working. Marilyn still can’t follow, not can a dozen others but I’m hoping it will come. I’ve lost a lot of readers who can get to me occasionally and I them. I can’t always get to anyone else’s blogs either more the pity. I have you on FVD Speed Dial, or I wouldn’t have seen your posts at all. Great little program that outsmarts wp smirk smirk

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