The beautiful planet upon which we live

A delightful globe its beauty never allusive

Fills me up with such enchantment

As I surf, I’m filled with excitement

Hues colors landscapes so rich

Whether in low valley or high atop a bridge

A horizon of yellow red blue and gold

Such enticing beauty to behold

Arid desert that stretches for miles

Cerulean skies that fill you with smiles

A brilliant canvas to fill with joy

Something for everyone to enjoy




9 thoughts on “Planet

    1. I LOVE the painting you did of you, it’s so spectacular. Very few artists are real about themselves. You are, and that’s why your art speaks volumes, I am so thrilled you picked up a brush. Fabulous beyond words

  1. A rich blue ball
    Dancing with the Sun
    You hold us all
    Me, you, and everyone.
    With open eyes
    And camera lens
    We capture skies
    And lakes and fens.
    We write a verse
    We sing a song
    We all rehearse
    We all belong.
    So live your life
    With joy and verve
    Resist the strife
    Your smile preserve.

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