I watched his strong athletic body

Full of grace, languid yet sturdy

Walk to the door taking all in stride

I wondered if he had something to hide

His look taking business in with a glance

I suddenly wondered if he could dance

He seemed confident solid and more

Self-assurance oozing from every pore

He was the law I’d just found out

Certainly, he should carry some clout

I liked strong men, sure in themselves

For I was no slouch myself

Our heads would butt that’s for sure

I was positive I would endure

Getting the story was my plan

I looked back, my eyes deadpan

I was a journalist he was the law

In this small town named Chippewa




3 thoughts on “Athletic

    1. I meant to ask, is there an easy solution to watermarking or adding your name to a photo? I tried looking it up online, but so far it requires paint or some other program I can’t navigate, or worse yet, money I can’t afford. I noticed your name on your photos and thought you might be the one to ask. Ty in advance for any ideas you might have ?

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