She feigned an interest in the others

A group of friends and another

He stood out, tall broad and smiling

Everything about him was beguiling

An instant attraction brought satisfaction

A newness and interesting attraction

The feeling lured her to the circle

The ongoing struggle internal

Don’t let your guard down silly one

Even though it might be fun

The bigger picture and why you’re here

To the rules of the game you must adhere

You may be enchanted, excited too

But if your not careful, it’ll be the death of you



6 thoughts on “Interest

  1. I remember trying to figure out how to flirt without looking like a moron. Eventually, I realized I was never going to be good at it. They were going to have to like me for my mind. It turned out, most of them liked me for my rather large (back when I had the real ones) breasts.

    1. I was never able to flirt either. At some point I must have because one gent said, “You are fun to flirt with.” I didn’t know I was. Very out of touch in that department hahaha.

  2. I was pretty clueless when people were flirting with me. I told my husband about how nice people were to me in college and afterwards, he said that they weren’t being nice because they were kind people. They were hitting on me. Seriously clueless. Loved your poem. It brought a smile and some fond memories.

    1. Awe that precious indeed. I was clueless too, apparently lots of guts were to use bring Bros words drooling. I never saw it. Nor get the flirting thing down clueless me, haha.

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