Her look said chic stylish and classy

Everything about her was so snazzy

Slender tall and fashionably set

The colours of a beautiful sunset

Rich, vibrant, alive like the season

Looking beautiful beyond reason

He quickly slid an arm around her waist

She was not happy at his embrace

I stood quickly, ready to intervene

From her expression, nothing to glean

Until her eyes locked onto mine

Her expression heady as wine

A slight nod in my direction said

I understood I’d not misread

Hoping to avoid a nasty scene

Unspoken words now hung between

I backed off, her expression understood

The fallout would never be good

As I walked back to my seat

Her reaction was oh so discreet

Raising a stilletto, she crunched down hard

His expression changed it was now marred

With pain and he quickly stepped back

He’d received undeniable payback

Moving away lest anyone saw

The encounter, noticing his faux pas

Moving away, her head was held high

Subtly she winked as she walked by










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