Succumb to the draw

Of the garden so lush

That leaves me in awe

And instant crush

Aromatic aroma

Draws me in

Like a Casanova

Wearing an ear to ear grin

I am forever lost in its beauty

Gracious sway moved by the breeze

What a bountiful booty

Sitting comfortably under the trees



6 thoughts on “Succumb

      1. I’m doing well – I’ve been having computer brain farts as well over here. My daughter broke my phone a while ago and now my new one (for some reason) has parental protection on it that won’t allow me to read any blogs, including my own for some strange reason. We’ve tried taking it off, but then we get an error. I mostly read other people’s blogs while on the phone when I am bored and in line somewhere or while waiting for the kids to get ready to leave as it is more mobile. If I’m at the computer, I am “supposed” to be working 😉 That’s why things have been quiet. Otherwise, we are doing well. What have you been up to?

        1. I, unfortunately don’t know anything about phones. I’ve never had a cell phone, haha. I wouldn’t know how to turn it on even, believe me I’ve tried, snicker snicker. It might be WP itself as I lost a lot of contacts when they updated the version months ago. Many can’t get to my site unless it’s through a click I make on another post, or theirs. I sense the phone connection doesn’t work on my blog either. My daughter can’t even read them on her phone. Sigh. Otherwise, life goes on, busy with the grandchildren getting them up and off to school at 7 for 4 days and making dinner 8 days then 4 days off lol. My daughter’s schedule is changing in March. 5 on and 5 off. It’ll be simpler we’re hoping. High winds today, and crazy thunder and lightening but invigorating as I love them and they don’t scare me. Love that your here and able to connect xoxo

          1. Wow – the weather here is warm again (I know… we just had snow) but it is in the 70s F. I love thunder and lightening, but only to watch… not be threatened by. Here, a lot of people get stuck in the mountains hiking, etc. and get struck by lightening. You have to be careful. Hope things ease up a bit for you, but so glad you still have time to do the things you enjoy.

            May no excuses for not having a phone. In many ways it truly is a blessing!

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