Ascend into certainty

By your side most assuredly

Unwavering love devotion too

Nothing here to misconstrue

I’m yours now and forever

No matter, wherever

Two peas in a pod that’s you and me

So happy and always carefree

My love for you stands the test of time

Without reason or rhyme

You are the one I want to be with

Renewing my vow I forthwith

Deliver with open arms

Though there may be storms

You light up my life every day

My heart you often slay

With simple touches and looks

The stuff you read about in books

No it’s not a fairytale my love

My beautiful delightful morning dove





7 thoughts to “Ascend”

        1. Well, the important ones such as you and a few others definitely stuck it out. You are my hero, you didn’t let anything get in the way. You found a way to stay connected throughout. I’ll love you forever for that alone. Then there’s the wonderful person you are. Your courage honesty and humour keep me going

      1. Don’t let it get you down Phyllis. If truth be told, the fact that you had a lot of followers is testament to the fact of your talent. Keep pushing ahead and perhaps some will find you again and you will gain others. It would be a shame to give up all you have achieved. I know technology can be a pain… but you have a wonderful voice and a gift to share.

        1. You are very encouraging, Sumyanna. I thank you. I won’t give up, I love this and the people I’ve met here. Salt of the earth. I keep plugging away. 🙂

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