A ghoulish apparition stood before me

My knees knocked and I wanted to…plea

In my sleep deprived altered state

I wasn’t sure what I saw and began to fixate

It was ghoulishly late as twas meant to be

Strange laughter sounded like a banshee

Stay still don’t move it will pass by

As I crouched still silent unmoving nearby

Please keep going I muttered in my head

Oh how I’d rather be home in my bed

Than taking up the gauntlet to prove

I would not scare easily thereby reprove

All the neigh-sayers who boldly scorned

I coudn’t last the night in the ghost town

The challenge placed on my face a frown

I would win, all bets stood in the balance

Not just my silly pride, trying for nonchalance

Oh hell no, I’m so out of here

I turned to run and fell on my rear

A hand reached out to help me up

With hands shaking I was a grownup

Never intending to grasp hold

Feeling far less than sincerely bold

Accepting the challenge I held on tight

Eyes shinging brightly a shaft of moonlight

Lit the apparition before me so tall

He was not ghostly not ghostly at all

I knew him from the tour taken before

He was the tall gent from the bookstore

I know not whether I won the bet that night

But we surely had fun dancing in the moonlight






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