There is a mystery of sorts

Known among many cohorts

Who did what when and where

Sitting comfortably in an armchair

Smiling subtly into the dark

Amusement high, oh what a lark

Hiding the boss lady’s opera glasses

Provided hilarity for the masses

Perhaps he should let her off the hook

And explain they were atop a favoured book

Hidden behind a bushy overgrown plant

He smiled at his treasured confidante

She was good at mystery games herself

Hadn’t she extended her own little elf

In setting up the mystery game

Which was delightful far from lame

One in which all eagerly partook

A mission of discovery an outlook

She delighted in perpetuating

A yearly mystery often generating

Participation eagerly culminating

In making the entire event

Clearly delightful in content

One ardently sought after

Culminating in delight and laughter


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