Many have however inadvertantly found my blog, but many have mentioned it’s still 401 which is the same as your blogs are appearing to me.

I thank you for your determination and for managing to get a message through to me about the problem.  As far as I know, it’s a break in the code on WP and it hasn’t been fixed.  I’m hoping that with enough complaints they’ll reexamine the situation.

For my part, I’ve deleted my blog completely, twice now, and re-installed it, which took the better part of 4 days to accomplish (I say I did, loosely) as in reality it was my son who “fixed the problem” as best he could.  It’s up to WP to fix the links and issues.

I’ve gone through Blindsided and re-added links to previous and coming pages and I’m hoping that makes the blog more accessible to those who do read the story.  It’s all I can do for the moment as I don’t have access to WP code so can’t fix the breaks on their end.

Please rest assured I am exceedingly warmed at heart knowing that many are interested and continue to look for my blog and care about it.  It’s been indeed heartwrenching.  I continue to find some of you and it takes considerable work as many aren’t showing up and on some I’m even denied access which I find peculiar.

Anyway, that’s the current situation.  Simm, if you get a chance to read this, I’ve re-added the links (erasing and readding) hopefully this will work.  Otherwise I’m not sure how you can find me any more.  Some have mentined the only way they can see my site is if they click on a post I’ve made on someone else’s site.

I’m thoroughly enjoying the blogs I’m able to get to and find, so please know that I am trying to visit you, but some are simply blocked and I’m unable to see you.  Elaine, Marilyn, you are two I can’t find (unless I search you out).  Neither of you are appearing on Daily and I find you on Reader on occasion. Guess that means we’re all in the same boat.

Take care all!

18 thoughts on “My blog!

  1. There are a LOT of problems that need fixing and I’m pretty sure they know it. And I also think, despite everything, they are worried about it. While you’ve been intermittently “401” … I got slammed with 20,000 pieces of spam last month. I did a lot of deleting of those “followers” who are actually spammers. Our inability to control who “follows” us is at the root of a LOT of problems and they ARE worried about it. In the end, much as they seem to dismiss us, we are their business and without us, they are nothing. It doesn’t help with your current problems, but it might help to know that someone really does care.

    1. I hope they care and are working on the ongoing problem(s). I know you care, Marilyn and you’ve made every effort to follow my humble blog no matter what, and it is so beyond appreciated. I too got hit with 20 k spammers in a few days, I had to manually delete every one and it took me 2 1/2 days to do it, that was then followed by another 30 k in spam and deleted those. I’m not sure how I managed to block them all, but now they aren’t there! I wished I knew how I did it but there it is.

    2. I also wrote the blog to inform others that they may have a problem, the same problem, and they do, but I have no way of reaching them, so it was a “public announcement” if you will to let everyone else know they too may be a victim of the 401 experience. You aren’t showing up on reader at all, nor is Martha or Elaine or a few others. Some have blocked me entirely and when I click on their site, it says I have to be added or adding WP id. Iam logged in on WP so what?????

    1. That is most certainly the warmest, kindest, most in depth look at what I’ve written, I’ve had the joy to witness and read. I’m truly humbled! Truly.

        1. You touch my heart to the nth degree, seriously. I can’t put into words what you made me feel with your post. I on the one hand am beaming ear to ear, and on the other think, oh my gosh, really? Since, as you write, and re write and edit, you lose track of what you’ve written. It becomes, is that ok, good, bad, and sometimes become indifferent at your own words as they are so a part of who you are.

        1. It’s wonderful! You are an incredible writer in your own right. I look forward to seeing more and I hope one day you write a novel because seriously, you are worth reading 🙂

          1. For some people, writing comes easily, naturally, and that’s the case with your writing. Your words and flow effortlessly, and if there’s any hard work involved, it doesn’t show in your writing. THAT’s a great writer! 🙂

        2. Our writing is an extension of ourselves, a part of who we are, undauntingly (perhaps with some trepidation) placing our inner self on the line for others to see. When I hear your a writer????? I often think “if only you knew”!

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