I wasn’t given to feeble lightheaded or giddy

Yet in his presence I simply felt all three

His stature tall erect and straight

Clear thinking gone I now debate

All my thoughts simply vanished

Leaving me in some kind of panic

His direct true honest look

Drew me from behind my guidebook

Something solid, real, pure and true

Unrelenting unresistingly too

Kept me moving forward unaware

I’d done so without verve or flair

I wanted to know more about this man

Affecting my senses and fast as I can

I begin an intimate conversation

Seeking some kind of explanation

We walked and talked for hours

As eagerly I learn and devour

All there is to know about him

No this was not on a whim

Learning more the closer we became

Inside burned an every growing flame

Of interest affection lust and more

Together we’d opened a welcome door

That lead us into sincerity truth and love

None of which I would be willing to give up




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