He’d loved her for so long

Had even written a love song

Reaching out a hand

To his delightful firebrand

He wanted her body and soul

He’d wait until she felt whole

Her losses had been great

He’d allow her to dictate

How fast he moved

Lest she still felt bruised

For now he’d treat her gingerly

Let her know his feelings carefully

And when the time was right

He’d wrap her in loves warm light

Prescious as a silken butterfly

He’d treasure her, the apple of his eye




2 thoughts to “Gingerly”

  1. Love this. Reminds me of my husband and I when we first started dating. He said to me he wanted to kiss me, and I said I wasn’t ready. He said he’d wait until I was. Now you got me all teary-eyed! Truly lovely.

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