First and foremost, thank you very much for nominating me for the challenge, Sara.  I gladly accept although with some trepidation as there are so many quotes that can inspire us.  I will endeavour to do my best 🙂

Sara is an incredible writer who is honest, who’s writing inspires me and who constantly supports others.  Please visit if you haven’t already had the pleasure as you will find much that is enjoyable and thought provoking as she shares many life experiences in a positive way.

Now for my nominees and challenge rules…

Challenge rules:

  1. Thank your challenging blogger and post their site
  2. Post three consecutive days
  3. Post one to three quotes per day
  4. Challenge three different bloggers per day

Surround yourself with others

Who fly their own true colours

Those who build not tare down

Carrying a happy smile not a frown

Willingly stand by your side

Full of joy and pride

Surround yourself with those who

Truly completely unendingly value you

My nominees:

  1.  Elaine at for her delightful wit, amusing quotes and lovely angels.
  2. Luccia at who shares beautiful photographs and welcomes all into her world.
  3. Raili at who has written delight whimsical words but who always sees the reality and positivity in others.

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