Some things make us clutch,

Facing a fear is one such

Event that can stop you in your tracks,

Bringing your heart rate to a climax

Entering a Halloween fun house,

Can make you suddenly clasp

The arm of a friend as you gasp

Unprepared for what might be ahead,

Trembling as you walk nothing is said

Watching the enemy in an old movie,

Skulking toward the victim, not groovy

Oh indeed much can make you clutch,

Perhaps it is someone’s soft touch

Whatever the cause might be,

It can often make you want to…plea.



10 thoughts on “Clutch

      1. Woohoo! I am thrilled. For some reason it is not working for Rose Elaine… so maybe it won’t work for sites on wordpress 🙁 but I am glad at least I can see someone from the phone!

      1. Ha ha. Sorry, I haven’t been able to leave comments on anyone’s blogs for quite a few months now. That’s how I usually keep up. I tried today and I was actually able to leave you one, which thrills me. We can see each other again! Problem is, it seems to not work with other pages, like Rose Elaine. At least it is an improvement!

        1. I’m having the same issue. There are so many I can’t reach, either it says there are no longer here, or it says I have to log into wp, which doesn’t make sense as I’m already logged in, or it fails to connect me anyway

          1. It has been such a pain. I have a hard time being on the computer for long, but I sometimes have stretches where I could use the phone. Unfortunately, since it has not been working, I have lost touch with many. I need to get back at it. I miss everyone, but the phone is making this process hard!

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