Hands over my face,

Pleading for grace

Hurtling down a one-way,

Going the wrong way

Had my heart in my throat,

With no time to gloat

Her first time driving,

And I’d given up smiling

Fear and terror took hold,

My life passed by ten-fold

As I peered through eyes,

Big as saucers, I apologize

Give me another chance,

I beg, doing a little dance

In my seat as I plead,

Please let us succeed

In getting to the other side,

From then on I varified

Which street we were on,

Never again run a marathon

Of shock awe and guilt,

And thereby nearly wilt

With fear and horror,

And never again roar

Down a one-way street,

With me in the hot seat



6 thoughts on “One-Way

  1. Ah, here is your comment box. Couldn’t find it before. My favorite one-way driving story was in Israel where no only was I nearly flattened by a small truck racing down a one-way road, but he then got out and YELLED at me for being in his way. A perfect experience šŸ˜€

  2. When I worked as a young reporter we had a car with a driver who didnā€™t know very well the area. Once with me in the car he managed to enter the highway in the opposite direction. Hundreds of cars were rushing towards us and he yelled : ā€œwhat are all these jerks doing going the wrong way?ā€

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