Couldn’t resist!

‘Tis that time of year again

Stockings filled with candy cane

Christmas trees that shine so bright

Merrily glowing, ’tis the highlight

Decorated quite beautifully

By little hands excitedly

Arranging such pretty ornaments

Hung with care, a pleasant adornment

Some home-made, others bought

Worthy of a quick snap shot

Gingerbread men and houses too

Jolly laughter heard through and through

Christmas music playing quietly

Adding the right touch of merry

Creating a moment in time to treasure

Bringing with it such pleasure





2 thoughts to “Jolly”

    1. It is indeed! We don’t live as far north as before, but Hardy is dark from 4 30 to about 9 am. in the winter. Summer it’s light at 4 30 and dark at 10.00 Here, it’s dark at 500 until 8 am then sudden light. Although this morning it was light and bright at 7 am. so far an unusual winter.

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