Blindsided 186

“Not me!”  Maggy and Craig replied in unison.  They laughed at each other, then jostling ensued.

“Goldstream has its own mini Niagara Falls, by the way.”

“What?” Max said in surprise.

Cassy laughingly replied, “It’s similar to Multnoma Falls in Oregon but smaller.  Don’t know how it got that name, it’s nothing like the other one, but it’s a pretty little walk.  I have pics at home.”

“There are 167 campsites and pit toilets and….they have showers!” she smirked.

“Thank god!”  Maggy said.  “I smell.”

“You smell gorgeous!”  Craig said.

“You’re dreaming!” Maggy scrunched her nose and pulled her top to her nose, “Ugh!  I for one can’t wait!”

“If we need a breather from camping, although it’s pretty pricey, we could try the Aerie, it’s a B & B but extremely luxurious.”

“Tell us more,” Max said.

“Well, I’ve never stayed there, but I know plenty who have.  The view is gorgeous.  It’s about 1500 feet above the city, and overlooks Greater Victoria, the San Juan Islands, the Saanich Inlet and you can see Washington State from there.”

“This I got’ta see!” Max said.

“I vote for a couple days in Goldstream, then on to Aerie.  All in favour, raise your hands!”  He looked in the rearview mirror and then over at Cassy.  “Unanimous.  I guess it’s carried then.”

“If you really feel like pampering yourself, they have a spa too.”

“Perhaps another time,” Maggy said. “I’m not really into that stuff.  A good bubble bath does me just fine.”

Cassy chuckled.  “Yeah, I’m with you.”

They drove three hours, and stopped at the viewpoint on the Malahat.  “It is something, isn’t it?”

“Beautiful!”  Cassy agreed.

Once they reached Goldstream, they unpacked, set up camp, and hustled off to the shower in two’s since they didn’t feel comfortable leaving anyone alone and the campsite unattended.


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