Blindsided 187

“What we got to eat?”  Craig asked, “I’m ravenous.”

“Spaghetti night.”  Cassy replied, “But there are a few apples, gummy bears, and other snacks if you want some.  Dinner is going to be awhile.”

Max grabbed a small radio from the car, set it on the table and dialed in a Victoria station.  They listened to relaxing music while everyone pitched in to get the veggies ready for the sauce.  Before long it was bubbling and simmering away.  They played poker and Max soundly trouched everyone.  Which of course meant another round.

Cassy pronounced the sauce ready and put the noodles on to cook.  Maggy piped up, “Hey, honey, the good china or the good china?” holding up paper plates in both hands.  Cassy  laughed, “Why the GOOD china, of course.”

There were no complaints when dinner was served, and they pretty much ate in silence.  “It’s usually better the second day, but beggars can’t be choosers.”

“Trust me, Cassy, it was delicious.”

“Oh it’s good, Craig, but you should taste it after it’s been refrigerated for a day.  Man, it’s the best!  And Cassy makes the most scrumptious garlic bread I’ve ever tasted.  She’s definitely spoiled me, I don’t bother ordering anything she can cook from a restaurant because I’m always disappointed.”

“Why thank you, Maggy, that’s high praise indeed and most gracious.  You’re a darn good cook too.  You make things like biscotti, which I loathe making, because it never turns out right, and breakfast rolls that are to die for!”

Max quickly piped up, “I can’t cook to save my ass, except for maybe a grilled cheese sandwich and some canned soup.”

“I just picked up few recipes then modified them to make them my own which in some cases turned out considerably better than the original and voila!  There you have it!  How I learned to cook, 101.”

“God, my cooking consists of take out!” Craig woefully admitted.

“Well, I could teach you a few tricks, if you’d like,” Maggy suggested.

“Hey, I look forward to it.  I love cooking, I just can’t make it turn out like the pictures.”

Washing dishes was a breeze, throwing paper plates away made their day.  They pretty much finished off the sauce and noodles so other than a couple of pans and camp cutlery, they were done in no time.

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