An inheritance bold and bright

Savoured enjoyed received overnight

A legacy bequeathed and my right

When all I want is a moment of insight

To know and comprehend you more fully

To understand your experiences surely

That drove you down the paths you chose

To learn and understand thereby disclose

The love the pain the sorrow the joys

That made up your life, you had such poise

Much can be said in hind sight for sure

I’d still rather know what you had to endure

How our lives were so much the same

Until someone changed the rules of the game

And you chose a curious route to walk

That left you in a solid deadlock

I’ll love you forever that is the truth

You walked much passion from your youth

I hope to live as fully as you did

Bigger than life, with nothing hid





6 thoughts on “Inheritance

        1. That is high praise indeed. I feel very honoured as you speak such truth with but a few words. I really love your writing. You have such honesty and clarity that I visit every day and more if I could.

          1. I am… speechless with gratitude for such a luck to have crossed paths with a great soul like you! ????

          2. You bring tears to my eyes, seriously. When I cross paths with someone with such depth, my heart and soul soar. It’s my honour, truly to have met you. I am beyond delighted.

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