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I loved Carly Simon and I thought this was a wonderful performance.

The poem doesn’t relate to the song.

You’re a legend in your own time

And isn’t it such a crime

You were misunderstood

And life cheated you, not good

Now you’ve gone away

Your worth they now convey

With words of praise and love

Appreciated, proud of

Your accomplishments praised

Songs about your life engraved

On other’s lips you are touted

Your worth is now undoubted

The meaning you gave your life

Finally understood, cuts like a knife

You are missed honoured and praised

None of which you, would have phased

You were you, strong determined and bold

On truth, love, and caring you had a hold

Hindsight is always twenty twenty

But my life is certainly empty

Without the friendship we once had

The closeness we shared makes me glad





7 thoughts on “Legend

    1. Oh thank you, Marilyn, I have to agree. I loved it and her. I so appreciate the lengths you’ve gone to in order to stay connected. For whatever reason, I have to add you back every day, but I get to you. I have you on FVD Speed Dial so I don’t miss you now hehe

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