The link I provided has obviously been broken or disconnected.  Go to my site or on reader and find via Net Neutrality — New Ideas And Inspirations  

and watch as soon as possible.  The only reason it would suddenly break is if it’s been discontinued.  Find out the facts and how this effects you.

You currently pay an ISP your internet service provider to connect to the net.  Net Neutrality will mean you pay for every single thing you want to watch.  BECAUSE it is OWNED by AT & T or any other media outlet.  It will not necessarily be free because it’s covered by our ISP.  Netflix owns a series of programs Avengers let’s say, if you want to watch Avengers in the future, you’ll pay your internet service provider AND you’ll pay Netflix or AT & T or whoever holds the rights to the programming.

This means that the ONLY programming you’ll see is what you pay EXTRA for.  Your news, what you watch, everything will be doctored and monitored.  I can say this loud enough folks.  It’s far more invasive than they are saying.

What’s worse, the board making this decision, HAS NO CLUE.  They are NOT involved in or have an understanding AT ALL of how the internet works.

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