My son is a pro at protecting my blog, my computer, my content.  He really is a genius at this, for which I am constantly and eternally greatful.  Not only that he is able to do all things computer, but that he is willing to take the time, make the effort (which equates to hours and hours) of work to set everything up, and by that I mean encrypting etc. to protect it all and I can’t begin to get into the special things he does to safeguard me, us, everyone.

Having said that, and although he spent more than 24 solid hours getting my blog back up and running with the advent of the unfortunate wp problem, I now have another.

He paid for a year on another server (wp related somehow) to hold my account so I wouldn’t lose my content again.  This server, holding my account was hacked (I’m assuming it was the server, not me personally as I can’t imagine my stories being that noteworthy and worth stealing).  I have again lost everything.  Until further notice, if you aren’t able to read pretty much immediately, the content from today onward is going to be lost as we can’t back it up.  Even with all the encryption he added, they managed after 85,000 intrusion attempts to get to our server and my content.  I’m forced to back everything up to my hard drive, which isn’t that big a deal, I can do this.  However, it’s going to play havoc with my story, Blindsided when I try to add everything back that is lost. Sigh.  I admit, I’m more than a little heartbroken over this.

As I mentioned, 85,000 intrusion attempts occured four days ago.  I was safe, until yesterday.  Unfortunately, yesterday, someone on the  85,001 attempt managed to hack my account and everything is gone.  We managed to back up everything prior to yesterday, but from here on until he has another 24 hours straight to re-introduce my blog , the current content will vanish until he’s able to re-establish my site, my blog, my FB, my Twitter and anything else I’ve got going.

I began noticing people I follow, disappear suddenly, Sascha Darlington being one that I am blocked from, and many others now blocked because for several hours yesterday, someone else had hold of my account with word press and all I have on it.  You come visit me, but I can’t visit you as it says either I need a wp password or that your site is no longer available on wp or something along those lines.

Thank you all for reading, for your comments, for caring.  I enjoy you all so much, your daily visits, comments interaction as well as reading your stories, blogs, poetry and life stories.  It’s a truly essential part of my day.  I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to continue reading and commenting as well as responding in kind. We shall see.


4 thoughts on “Lost!

  1. So sorry to hear of all the trouble you’re are having. So glad your son can help you. He’s amazing. I’ve been away a while but hope to come back more often to say hello!

    1. I look forward to your return, Sumyanna. Life is busy, isn’t it? Once Christmas is over, he’s working straight 8 hour days so it’ll prob. be the new year before he can get enough time to do anything. But he will. For sure.

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