The first snowfall of the year is here

It’s fluffy soft filling me with cheer

Snow angels, snowflakes and much more

From little ones a cheerful uproar

A quiet silence now surrounding us

As we shuffle to the school bus

Snowball fights and igloos too

Oh what fun will surely ensue

Soft warm mittens boots and touques

Wrapping us warmly huddled in groups

As Christmas jingles sound in our ears

Snow covered trees until the new year

Oh how we relate to songs of yesteryear

As we sing along and smiles quickly appear

Warming our hearts and filling us with joy

Nothing our pleasure this day could destroy






7 thoughts on “Relate

    1. Thank you so much, that is most kind. It truly is our first day of snow and little ones are heading out the door with smiles of joy, I had to write about it, hehe

  1. Makes me think of last Sunday… we woke up with my guy and started listening singing Christmas songs from YouTube … except it was a sunny day and no snow at all! ????

  2. The first and likely far from the last. Meanwhile, our light layer is melting and with a little luck, we won’t get more until AFTER the holidays when all the drunks go home to sleep it off!

    1. I got kicked off line, the power went out, just came back on. We have a foot of snow since six am and it’s still falling. I wanted to get pics but my tablet was dead. argh! Perhaps we can now.

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