The blending of two hearts, miraculous

The merging of two minds, so fabulous

The meeting of two like souls, inexplicable

The delight and pleasure, unforgettable

The lifetime of memories, invaluable

The meaning depth and worth incalculable

So treasure those you love and who care

With whom you have moments to share

For in the blink of an eye, it is true

At some point they are gone leaving you

Feeling the loss of all that you had

Infinitesimally leaving you glad

You shared soul mind and heart

Forever entwined, thankfully a part

Of the colourful collage of shared lives

Forever thankful, into your life they arrived


13 thoughts on “Miraculous

        1. I know, I’m having issues since the wp fiasco. Now i’ve been hacked and I’m not sure who can follow any more. Others are clicking on a post I’ve made on their or another site and follow that way. It took 24 straight man hours to get me back on line when wp broke the back end of their site. This will take as long to fix or longer. I can’t see to fix it so I’m waiting on my son and his schedule so he can try to re-upload the entire site. Fortunately we backed up 2 days ago then got 85,000 intrusion attempts. I doubt it was me they were targeting but the isp (wp) provider I’m running on which we pay for. I hope you can find me somehow, some way. If you can go to COVERT NOVELST, there is a RSS daily you can click on, I’m hoping that till works.

          1. Thank you so much. It was heart breaking the first time, now it’s beyond that. My son has time over christmas so I’m hoping! he’ll be able to do this, but it’s hours, last time 24 hours straight, to get it up and running. It’s fixing the broken links in the back that’s difficult.

    1. My sincerest appreciation for your lovely kind words. I am beyond touched. Thank you for visiting and chatting as well. How encouraging you are!

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