Taking care of pets

Winter Your Pet Cold weather provides its own set of challenges and opportunities. Remember both ice and frozen water pose a hazard for you and your pets. If you put “Booties” on your dog, remember they have no nails to gain purchase if the ice breaks, and they fall into the water. The South Saskatchewan […]

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2 thoughts on “Taking care of pets

  1. We have the doggy door, so they are in and out and in and out all day (and sometimes night) long. They like the snow, so they go out and play in it, then when their little paws get chilly, they are back inside, warming up on the sofa … and leaving paw marks everywhere. Ah dogs.

    1. You gotta love them! lol paw prints and all lol We now have 3 cats, the last of my daughters cats has now taken up residence, so we have paw crossings and I’m thinking of putting up a sign on the door “Paw Crossing” lol

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