My one and only extravagance

Was in the untold prevalence

Of time I now chose to spend

Not leaving a single loose end

In preparing for the instant to come

Even as my heart began to thrum

This moment in time was indeed special

As beneath the mistletoe, I would nestle

It had to be right, it had to be perfect

And though it was all set for affect

This moment could be lost forever

And it was meant to be light and tender

Extravagant in every detail

This second in time would live on never pale

The beginning of forever, the us

For although I was known as a bit of a klutz

I couldn’t find a single hair out of place

Now if only I could just cross the stage

Left foot, right foot, calm and erect

Looking oh so circumspect

Don’t trip, don’t fall, don’t slip at all

No, I was not that little screwball

I was a romantic, gentle and sweet

Surely I would not literally fall at your feet

Breath deep, I reminded myself

Keep your eyes on the prize little elf

The moment was upon us, oh so delicious

Time for promises and many well wishes

As I plunged on, straight ahead

Another approached ‘n I stopped dead

Eyes averted I slipped and nearly fell

You saw it coming and an alarm bell

Had you catching me in your arms

No need now for such alarm

I was where I’d wished to be

And in your eyes it was easy to see

The twinkle, the amusement so clear

For me, that look would always be dear





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