His words were met with reservation

When he’d hoped for exhilaration

A declaration of affection and love

He felt the need for boxing gloves

Subtle hostility surrounded them

Although knowing from where it stemmed

He’d hoped his groundwork was heard

Instead it seemed his words were deferred

Sighing he knew it would indeed take time

The situation was beyond reason or rhyme

His heartfelt plea was unheard for now

Surprise evident in his raised brow

He’d desperately hoped she understood

His ace in the hole had done no good

The deck was stacked, not in his favour

Perhaps with patience sometime later

They’d understand he meant no harm

And all their fears he could disarm

This was the wave of the future it was true

Eventually they’d see the entire world-view

Indeed, change was inevitable





4 thoughts on “Reservation

  1. Makes me think that if we thought more about the other point of view in a situation…. their difficulty at communicating and taking charge of their mistakes, well… things would be different…

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