As strange feelings washed over me

Unexplainable, I sent up a plea

Defining the source became my goal

In an effort to regain some control

I asked myself many endless questions

For which I had many suggestions

The only answer that made any sense

That would give me peace and dispense

With the overwhelming dejection I felt

Was that your leaving, had me dealt

A hand I wasn’t prepared to accept

I lay down my head and silently wept










10 thoughts to “Forlorn”

      1. Christmas and New Year was great, but complicated by a house fire. Now the challenge is how to get our life’s back to normal, while being displaced persons.

        1. May I ask where your currently living? I imagine your place is undergoing renos which can take awhile. I saw the blog about the fire and at first was horrified, but somewhat mollified knowing you were all safe including pets πŸ™‚

          1. They say up to 6 months.winter has been hitting us hard and they can’t do much till a break in the weather let’s them put a new roof on.

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