My last artistic creation Description: “Dynamism of layers” is an abstract creation of the free, very impressionistic imagination; by its varied texture, its eventful layers, its multiple bottoms, its bright colors and its structure in overlapping layers. It is an abstract artistic creation, created with the lyrical style. technical tachism. expressionist subject. TITLE PAINTING: “Dynamism […]

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3 thoughts on “Love this painting!

    1. It is, absolutely, but for all that, there is something I find so appealing! I love what they call “realism” art, but I also love art that hints at possibilities, nuances, times and possibilities and moments shared. As if your imagination could take flight there, go anywhere, become anyone. That’s how art speaks to me, I guess. Some is whimsy and other is so beautiful and perfect!

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Sat Jan 13 , 2018
Static Some said his life was but static Without much brilliant colorful fabric Same ol’ same ol’ day in and out As he determinedly gazed […]

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