I used to hate that word – perspective – it meant how you saw things wasn’t real, wasn’t true, wasn’t valued or validated.  It was just your perspective therefore it was only a possibility, plausible, but then not the real true answer.

Your perspective meant coloured by your thoughts, beliefs, views and therefore not necessarily a reality or true accounting of events.

It either happened, or it didn’t!  That’s the truth.  If I said it happened, it did. I’m not a liar as your “perspective” insinuates.  It insinuates that if there weren’t others present with the same accounting, the same story, then it wasn’t true, there were other possibilities and mine was a personal agenda.

How I hate you and that word.  You throw it around like it’s gold from the gods.  It’s not.  It is demeaning, shredding, horrifying, minimizing.

In reality, you are afraid to look at the truth, at what was said and done, at what really happened.  Why?  Because then you have to face reality and truth and therefore take appropriate action.  Action that means standing tall, backing someone who requires your assistance your help.  Someone that desperately needs someone to believe in them, to know without a doubt that they are telling you the truth, not that is “their” truth of the situation.

Can you not see the depths of desperation and earnest desire to be believed, not as a half truth, not as a perception, not as a possibility, but as an accounting of reality, of fact?

This is not a dream world in which make-believe characters play their parts and stroll off into the sunset, never to be seen again.  This is life!  This is reality!  This is truth!  There is no perception here.  It is what it is – a fact!

If so, count me in!

5 thoughts on “Henrietta’s 300 word “Perspective”

  1. Perspective to me means “angle.” You know, seeing it from above or below? Different perspectives change the visual parameters? The word has serious photographic implications. Also for architecture and drawings. But I don’t think it was ever meant to mean or imply true or “false, right or wrong. People use words in very strange ways. That’s not what the word means.

  2. This reminds me of someone who was constantly using this word. Now, if for some things it’s more a question of the mindset that “perceives”, some others are clearly a “fact. And denying this is the evidence that one is trying to “manipulate” the situation to get the outcome he/she wants… and ultimately, yes, denying that their responsibility…
    I definitely stand in your club, dearest !

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