Blindsided 221

Craig howled, “I think you just did.”

Dropping her head in her hands, Maggy said, “Gawd!”

When the gardening was finished, they set up a net to play badminton.  “I haven’t played in years.  I’m as rusty as an old nail,” Max commented.

“Me too, I think the dust on these things was two maybe three inches thick?” Cassy chortled.

They gave it the old college try, but after a couple of games, they were done.  “Man, am I that old?”  Max said.

“No, but it is that hot out here.  Probably not the best idea in the whole world, I guess we should have waited until it cooled down a bit.”

“Let’s go sit in the shade and relax with some ice tea.”

As they walked through the door, the phone rang.  Everyone stiffened.  Since she’d been home, the phone rarely rang, unless it was Shawna or the perp and they were separate lines.  It was an unusual time of the day for Shawna to call, they sat up and took note.

“Hello.”  Cassy said with a hopeful note in her voice.


“Who is this?”

“Surely you know my voice by now.”

“You have the wrong number.”

“What?  You’re my number one girl.  You’re my only girl.  You should know that by now.”

“I’m not interested in talking to someone I don’t know.”

“You treat me badly.  But I still love you. Never stopped.”

“Well if you did, I’d know you on sight, and I’d know your voice.”

“Since I’m sure other parties are listening, I can’t say what I want to.  Meet me.  Anytime, anywhere, and I’ll show you what you mean to me.  What we have together.”

“What we have together?  What we have is me, here, now, enjoying life with friends.  Then, there’s you, wherever you are, alone.  We have nothing together.”

“You must see it.  You have to see it.”

“See what?”

“All the love I have for you.”

“What I see, is you being an ass hole.”

“Don’t you dare say that!”

“I’ve spent thousands showing you how much I care, how much we belong together.”

“You’ve spent thousands proving you’re a sicko that I wouldn’t want in my life no way, no how.”  She silently set the receiver down.  It took every ounce of willpower she had.

“You called his bluff!”  Max said.

“Wow!”  Maggy added.


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