haha my first thought was “blink and you’ll miss it”.

The accompanying pic. is close but not quite Porsche.  He has a mane like a lion. His eyes are golden but it’s close. I can’t get my pics of him to transfer so went online to find a kitty cat that was similar.

The weather was like that

Porsche noted with a bat

Of those beautiful golden eyes

That in a blink recognize

The mood thought and love

Making quick use of

His affection love and blink

He’s really good with a wink

That amuses touches and more

When laying quietly on the floor

As if amusedly entertained

Sharing his life unconstrained

Happily loved sitting by your feet

The one-eyed blink without deceit

Oh what a bundle of fur is he

Warm and cuddly as he can be


16 thoughts on “Blink

      1. Too funny, since I wrote that I’ve seen about six more posts featuring felines! What is it I wonder about the word blink that brings us to think cat… I wonder if it’s because a slow blink from a cat is their way of saying “I love you.”

    1. Thanks. I love Porsche. He’s a unique cat. He plays hide n seek, tag, chase me chase me, he talks, he growls like a dog when a dog shows up to warn them of f and he’s a cuddler and so gentle. Once he wanted to go outside and my coffee cup was in the way. I warned him not to knock it off, he sidestepped then jumped up. Muy daughter was visiting, and was stunned. I wasn’t because he listens all the time.

  1. Cats have this silent capacity of getting things and make you feel them just with their eyes…. extraordinary creatures…

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