Cats have an inscrutable air

Watching intently here and there

Other than a blink or two

You never know what they’ll do

They say cats are solitary

If you ask mine, he’d say he’s friendly

Underfoot half the time

Until we curl up at bedtime

He cuddles then lays on top

Purring and preening non-stop

10 thoughts on “Inscrutable

    1. Our cats are at this point acting completely weird. One seems depressed (the newest addition – Sugar) and cuddles endlessly with my cat (Porsche), vying for love and Abbey taking up her position with determination. You have to understand, my entire house is 1000 square feet and we now have 3 cats taking up residence, full time. The big house is massive…and in Hardy 3 cats was too much and the “girls” started spraying and peeing any and everywhere until my daughter was forced to get rid of the newcomer. Now we have all 3 here, in an even smaller space. I had to laugh. I got up yesterday morning to find a cat on every chair…um, mine??? lol one of you has to move…now two have taken up residence on my son’s bed. He washed the duvet and cover and 10 mins later it looked as though it had never been washed. OMG I had to laugh cause well, what else can you do? My cat has taken up residence on my bed, same scenario. lol

    2. My little black cat is basically a dog, it’s hilarious and adorable. He even does tricks, comes when I call and if I so much as look at him, he comes running no matter what, even if someone else is petting him.

      1. Mine is the same! haha he plays tag, hide and seek, chase me chase me, growls like a dog if he doesn’t like whoever is at the door, and really listens. He once was going to hop up on the filing cabinet to get outside and when I said “Porsche, watch out for my coffee cup.” He moved 4 inches and then jumped up. My daughter saw it and was stunned. And he knows objects names and is completely amazing. Never had a cat like him, he’s amazing.

      2. Your little black cat sounds incredibly like my puffy porsche, lol. I love that! I love cats! I find them great company. The cuddling thing is fun too hehe

        1. Mines taken to vocalizing… oddly. Little yaps, yips and strange noises. Not loud per say, but hilariously like he’s trying to talk. I do keep saying, “Speak English I can’t understand you,” maybe he’s trying? LOL

          1. Lmao, maybe so. We have I merited my daughter’s 2 cats who have taken up residence now. One I call pretty girl, but really it shoukd be squak as that’s her sound lol. The other doesn’t speak, while Porsche can yoooooowel with the best of them in complaint, although he was 1 year old before he said anything. He’s pretty quiet most of the time, you have to hold him to know he’s purring, while Abby woke the house up with her snoring, roflmao

    1. lol, (My cat Porsche) sizes strangers up quickly. Sometimes surprisingly liking people I would be cautious of. (I’ve now been adopted by my daughter’s 2 cats Sugar and Abby) They run when strangers come close. lol

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