Splunking is certainly not for me

Give me the seaside and chablis

Climbing mountains, that I’ll do

Or make you a delicious stew

Wandering rivers and lakes

Or making you a birthday cake

Skating round and round on a rink

Doing all the dishes in your sink

But delving into the bowels of the earth

Into cavity or craters, there is no mirth

Please believe me when I say

I’ll never try again, this or any other day


7 thoughts to “Cavity”

  1. Caves freak me out… They are fascinating but I’ll leave the exploration of them to those less affected by dark creepy spaces full of only God should know what…

    1. I went to the Oregon Caves. The metal stairs were straight up and down and I was paraylized and couldn’t move. A man crossed his arms and said we’re not going if you don’t go. He barricaded the stairs so no one could move until I did. I finally made it out but it was overwhelming. So, um no, not doing that again. lol There were places where only one person could fit at a time, then others like the pic that were huge but it was pitch black except for the lights on the guides heads and a few torches. Yikes, did I do that???? yeah, but not with any type of grace, lol

  2. Ahh, this made me smile. I’m adventurous in some ways, but not as much as other people. Sounds like you’re just like me ?

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