Tragedy struck, down in the dumps

She needed support getting over the hump

Of grief and sorrow that so entwined

Taking over heart soul and mind

Soothing words, to encourage and uplift

Those were my offerings and my gift

With each passing day the pain would subside

And I’d be right there, always by her side

Until the day the grief was much less

And she could lift up her head and address

The loss that she’d felt, knowing she’s loved

Beyond measure, walking hand in glove

Her friends by her side giving support

The agony and sadness together thwart



10 thoughts on “Sympathize

    1. Ongoing. Turmoil from the past that rears it’s ugly head every now and again. In truth, I’ve found more solace here than all the counselors in the world. It’s been an awesome experience to be sure.

    2. When I have a breakthrough, I always get massive headaches. Today is no exception. I shall prevail! With the love and affection from you and others who are always so supportive. I love being here. I love that I met you.

      1. Oh my! Migraines is also what affects me under pressure and stress…
        I am happy we crossed paths ??????????

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