Although I know the word, I couldn’t come up with a plausible poem today so this is my entry instead…. hehe

Johnny Mnemonic

Tracked down by both the dangerous Street Preacher and the American Sector of the Yazuka, Johnny, a bio-enhanced data courier,


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          1. You are what, 8 or more hours ahead of us? its 11:46 not quite noon here. Snow expected…ugly smarch weather! We have only had a skiff of snow this year! This doesn’t auger well! argh!

          2. It’s 20.50 here… it stopped snowing a couple of days ago… luckily… everything was just paralysed 😄

          3. (Paris… and no I am not French… I am Italian… but …. all this is a secret between you and me 😉

        1. Thank you, Ann (or Ann Marie) I enjoy your family stories so much. What a delight they are. So well written! Entertaining, consuming, inviting, humourous. You include it all.

          1. I never stand on ceremony tbh, I’m just me, take me as I am lol. Always wished for a beautiful name though. That would have been fun. Phyllis is boring. I suppose unique in that there aren’t many of us around, but I grew up in the days of Phyllis Diller, so you know what I got! lol

          2. I like your name. I think it’s unique and has character. it’s funny’ I never cared for mine. My mom wanted to name me Amy. Now, that I like…lol

          3. I like Amy too. Mine means “green bough”. I never liked it from the get go. I’d have preferred something like Felina or something like that.

  1. You are the second person to name this movie. I bet it is remembered ENTIRELY because of its name. No one has actually watched it, but the name rings a bell. I’m probably the only one who came up with “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance” though 😀

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