She hadn’t seen him since her late teens

After moving, writing for magazines

That took her on a journey round the globe

So many exciting questions to probe

Yet there he was as though conjured by desire

Looking far more handsome than a tiger

Sleek, dangerous, elegant and thrilling

Barely closing her mouth surprised unwilling

To let him know how absolutely delightful

It was to see him, her once undisputed idol

She’d followed him around like a lost pup

He’d never been angry, always willing to sup

Sharing whatever he’d brought for his lunch

Taking her under his wing, nothing could expunge

Her complete and utter joy, he was her new boss

Nothing could dampen memories as she stared across

The waiting lounge as he strode purposefully toward

Her, smiling that smile that couldn’t be ignored

He offered her his hand in a welcome greeting

His warmth enveloping her, excited at meeting

The beautiful woman he’d once known as a child

Eager to recapture the memories he’d compiled

Inviting her into his office, new beginnings unfold

It would be an interesting ride, that he would behold



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