Mind numbing fear grasped her tightly

She gazed about ever so politely

Wondering if any could read on her face

The sheer terror that held her in its embrace

One wrong word or movement could result

In the death of family, friends and catapult

Everyone present into chaos and harm

She must make her presentation with charm

Hoping against hope “he’d” understand

Act accordingly, able to withstand

Consequences immediately unleashed

Walking to the mic, heartbeat increased

Her gate was steady and with head high

Determinedly searching for her ally

There he was strong and fierce

Wondering if he’d managed to pierce

The network of malcontents using

This occasion in which they were fuelling

Their unjust cause at the cost of others

He nodded and her gasp she smothered

She went on with her speach as intended

Nothing was changed, nothing amended






10 thoughts on “Courage

          1. Thanks.I was shit scared when I went on stage first at the age of 11 then never stopped.Was a state level champion in debate and elocution contests.

          2. I stood second.I was into debate and declamation team of my school.But I started it was pretty scary.Then I got over the fear won many inter zonal and state level championship.

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