Her surroundings, possibly a delight

But in her eyes, all was dark as night

Able to see, yet nothing was clear

Unsure, momentarily filled with fear

The light was dim, everything blurry

Nothing was clear, everything murky

Suddenly light was pouring through

Thank god she could see

Heart filled with much glee

She looked about with some doubt

Head pounding she much check out

Where she was remembering the name

The only thought her mind could claim

Strong arms lifted her up, held her close

Feeling suddenly safe, he wasn’t a foe

An audible sigh of relief filled the air

He would definitely of her take care

She recalled falling, rolling down the hill

Now shivering, she felt a deep chill

Looking up she noticed brown eyes

Filled with warmth, no need to agonize

Her dear friend had found her it seemed

Was transporting her, she gratefully beamed

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Thu Mar 1 , 2018
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