It was my birthday yesterday and one of the most special and memorable birthdays to date.  I’ve enjoyed many (smirk smirk) but this was extra special.

It wasn’t the gifts, though they were, each and every one, touching, thoughtful and heartfelt.  It was a moment in time I’ll cherish forever.  Surrounded by family, with love and affection, was the highlight of the occasion, indeed.

My son cooked my favourite meal, Chicken Kiev, with baby potatoes, peas, salad and cheese sauce which I enjoyed with relish.  The birthday cake was orange flavoured with sprinkles of chocolate over top and quite delightful.  With only one birthday candle, as we might have caught the house on fire or barbecued the cake with candles otherwise. (smiles delightedly).

Sarah (my adopted grand daughter) asked how I felt about my birthday, early in the day.  I said, what’s not to love, considering the alternative, which had her smiling ear to ear.

My grand daughter (8) bought me a beautiful brightly coloured pillow with a hummingbird center stage) which is my all time favourite bird while my 10 year old grand son bought me a charcoal coloured mug with humming birds on it (they know me well) with a little help from my beautiful daughter (goes without saying).  Sarah (17)  bought me a very delightful mug ( I do love my coffee) large in size with a picture of a grand ma ( I hate to say I totally resemble and which gave us all a great laugh) but with a very touching saying.  Totally captured what I believe about life and was a thank you for being me.  My 16 year old grand daughter bought me a mother of pearl necklace with a silver heart over top and which I haven’t and won’t take off as it’s a treasure.  She too knows me well.  My 15 year old grand daughter phoned me and we talked for 2 hours on the phone.  It was indeed very special as she thought of me and called to let me know she remembered it was my birthday and to tell me she loved me.  My son bought me a lap top, an Acer (mine is going and I wasn’t sure how I would be able to afford one) and patiently showed me how to use it after downloading (umpteen updates).  It may take me some time to figure out how to use it, as I’ve always used a desk top, and it is my first Real new computer and I’m completely delighted.  My daughter bought me a book.  A special book. It’s entitled Dear Mum, from you to me.  It has questions about my childhood memories growing up, about each parent, sibling, and memories associated.  I’ve alrady filled out the first 5 pages.  Some I won’t as they are painful memories and not memories worth sharing.  It’s reflective and very touching and I will try to do my best to describe my life and what it was like, and the time in which I lived.

Wonder?  Yes, it’s a wonder.  It’s a marvel, special, a wonder that I was blessed with a precious son and daughter who inspire and show they love me daily.  They are compassionate, caring, loving.  I am blessed!  To have come from a horrific family of origin and then to be blessed with two children who gave me very little cause for worry (unlike the concerns facing parents today) who grew into amazing adults who do me proud.  It’s a wonder.  They are mine!  I treasure them daily, hourly, weekly, monthly.

We are close and share so much.  Concerns, emotions, ups and downs, with care and consideration for one another.  No we’re not perfect.  Still, we deal and no subject is closed.  We live 10 feet from each other in our own homes but we share daily our lives.

It is a constant that touches my heart and gives me ten fold what I missed as a child.  Love, respect, consideration, care.  Yes, it’s a wonder that I have been so blessed.  I treasure every moment.

As I’m not very adept at getting informatin and pictures from one place to another, I can’t share my birthday pics at the moment, but will endeavour to do so as soon as I can.

Wishing everyone a wonder – a moment in time that fills you with awe, delight, happiness, something and someone very special with which to share it.  Finding WP was a wonder too and through it, I have become friends with many of you and enjoy sharing moments in your lives special and memorable.  For that I thank you, each and every one.



7 thoughts on “Wonder

  1. Happy belated birthday my lovely!
    Lots of hugs, love and light!
    (By the way… granddaughter?? I will never believe it…!)

    1. I have a 16 and 15 year old (granddaughters) 10 year old (grandson) and 8 year old granddaughter as well as a 17 year old granddaughter (adopted). Life is busy and full and fun.

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