Her smile was so captivating

Must capture it in a painting

Sensuous, warm and inviting

Beautiful and oh so beguiling

He knew the lighting he’d use

Sunrise after dawn to infuse

And capture the light to induce

A warm glow that would imbue

To compliment the glow of her smile

As exquisite as the emerald isle




9 thoughts on “Captivating

      1. Thank you so much, Covert Novelist. I think you are already following me according to my list, so thank you for that too. I post about twice a week. Have the notifications not be coming through on your Reader? If not, try looking on my About page.

        1. Thank you. I’ll have a look. I really enjoyed your piece and didn’t want to miss anything. Usually, there’s a follow or unfollow button, but yours popped up with none. It’s good then. Cheers.

        2. haha silly me, there it is! Guess it was delayed. I’d just turned the comp on, and I should have remembered it takes time to load smirk smirk

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