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I wish to thank all that followed Blindsided with daily interest.  It has been a work in progress beginning to end with a bump or two along the way so I thank you for hanging in there and continuing even though the story overlapped on occasion due to wp glitches.

Please leave some feed back, if you are interested, as I’d love to know your take on the story, what worked, what didn’t, what kept your interest and had you coming back to see more.

I thank you in advance for taking the time for feedback and for reading.

Until the next time?

Phyllis (aka covert novelist)

9 thoughts to “Blindsided Feedback”

  1. I love a mystery. Kept me looking forward to the next chapter. The story was interesting and the charactors likeable. Except of course, Bard, who was hateable. Nice work!

    1. Thank you so much, Mr. Hall. I appreciate your thoughts and kind words. It’s always a challenge in that I don’t want to limit my audience of readers (too romantic too flamboyant too harsh) Life is a mixture of so much, there are many angles to take, but above all, I wanted the characters to come across as real, how you or I might respond in the given situation. You have encouraged me beyond measure! Thank you, so much. For responding, for reading. You are indeed a treasure.

  2. Great adventure it was!
    I grew fonder of Cassy…. fragile and strong… and of your writing… always romantic but also catchy and mysterious…. I got the impression I got familiar with people and places and this made me come back every day as a kind of nice rendezvous with friends…

    1. Thank you very much. How kind of you. I was hoping that what I wrote came across as real, with characters that Are believable. Were all a mix of strong and weaker moments, as we all have that mix. I had to show her vulnerability so she could be captured. The places are real. To know it was inviting you back was special so thank you. So much.

          1. Give yourself time… read… chat with people…. generally it’s like that that one day it just hits our brain…

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