Phase Shift

New Mystery – Phase Shift

My latest endeavor in mystery writing has arrived.  Okay, it was a spur-of-the-moment thought and it will indeed be a fly by the seat of my pants idea.  The idea popped into my head as I slept.   Hopefully, the reality turns out as well as the story I dreamed about.  Hope you enjoy it.

Phase Shift

Randal was peeved.  Patience.  Patience!  He admonished himself grinding his teeth.   It will come out in the wash.   You’ll see.  Build your case, make it strong, no loopholes.  Prove yourself.

Common phrases he woke with and used daily when things went wrong.  Today was that day!  So far, a day of total frustration when he looked back on being a detective on the police force and the comradery he’d so enjoyed. But he was no longer a detective on the police force, the boys in blue had turned their back, he was an outcast.

He wanted, needed to be in the game.  Solving puzzles is what he was best at.  Consequently, he’d applied for a license as a PI.  Fortunately, he had one or two friends on the force who recognized his worth, realized he’d been wronged, come to his aid assisting him in procuring his license.

His agency was named and inspired by his uncle, a great investigator, tenacious, solid, honourable – a real bird dog.  Hence Bird Dog P.I.  What could be more fortuitous than naming his agency in his uncle’s honour.  It said something, meant something. From the growing number of clients, it had been a wise move and his fame for lack of a better word, was propelling his popularity.  He got the job done fairly, and at a decent price.

His girlfriend, was meeting him for lunch.  He always made time for Sherry.  He’d drop everything to be at her side when she called, for she rarely called and when she did, it was important to her, so it was important to him.  Building a solid relationship with her was vital.  She was a special woman, vibrant, delightfully humorous and smart.

She walked toward him now, her 5’5 curvaceous body and swinging chestnut brown hair drawing every male eye in the place.  Sometimes it irked him that every man in the room turned when she entered, but then he remembered, she was his!  No need for drama.  She’d chosen him.  He liked that.

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5 thoughts on “New Mystery – Phase Shift

  1. Fabulous start! I love the name Randal. Dreams are the best sources for great stories or story lines, twists and random scenarios. I promise to keep on track with this one so I don’t get behind.

    1. Awe, thank you. I loved the name, haven’t seen it in awhile. I have been thinking about what to write since the lat one. I couldn’t decide what to do, then this dream happened, and I popped onto the computer and typed the beginning. Who knows where it will end. lol but it’s a start

      1. Starting a new story is so exciting. Names are important for a story, they give a foundation for us writers to breathe life into the character. The new character I’m writing keeps bringing me to tears. I have no idea if it’s the story or if I’m bonkers. I guess I’ll find out when I post it. I’m looking forward to this story.

        1. I am too, Cimm. You are an exceptional writer. I’m in love with the current character and if you love this new one, then he or she must be very special indeed! I can’t wait!

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