Phase Shift

Phase Shift 2

They’d met accidentally through a case he’d been working on, and she’d actively pursued him.  Although he wasn’t sure he had time for a relationship, upon getting to know her, he’d made the time.  She was so vital, she could add sunshine to any cloudy day.

He couldn’t help the smile that lit his face as she came closer.  Standing and rounding the table he opened his arms wide, wrapping her in a bear-like hug, lifting her off her feet.  She always laughed when he did.  It seemed to please her greatly, so he did it often, usually surprising her when he did, as it was always spur of the moment.

“Hi handsome, thank you for meeting me,” she said when she could speak again.

“I wouldn’t miss it.”  He waited expectantly for her to sit and explain.

“What you having for lunch?”

“I thought I’d go with the veggie burger, and soup.  I worked up an appetite today I tell you.”

Randal caught the waitress’s eye and when she arrived asked for coffee and bottled water then placed their order.  He knew Sherry would wrinkle her nose when he ordered his burger, she always did, but he wanted, needed protein.

“I have good news and bad news.  Which would you like to hear first?”

“Good news,” Randal responded.

“Well, I got a promotion, a big one.”

“Congratulations!”  He lifted from his seat and kissed her lips across the small table.  Reaching for her hand he continued, “I’m happy for you.  This is indeed, great news!”

“You might not think so when you hear the rest!”

“Ok, lay it on me!” His mind raced ahead to a possible punchline,  bigger officer, larger clientele, longer hours when she interrupted him with the unexpected.

“They want me at head office. It’s good, really good!  I start out in the office across town, but within a month I’d be expected to move to Portland.”

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4 thoughts on “Phase Shift 2

  1. Ooh, this could go so many ways. I love the situation of being promoted and choices that need to be made. Will he follow? Will his ‘ego’ get in the way? A fresh start in a new town… eep I’m excited.

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