Having carried the unconscious woman back to his campsite, he’d nestled her in his only blanket, settling her near the fire for warmth.  Although she’d stirred occasionally, she hadn’t awakened.

The fire crackled and hissed quietly until a sudden burst of embers thrust into the air, sounding momentarily loud in the silence surrounding them.

Suddenly she sat, her frantic movements to untangle the blanket put her at risk as she neared the fire.  He moved quickly settling on one knee beside her, grasping her wrists.  “You’re ok, you’re safe.”  His words slowed her agitation until she caught sight of him and her panicked struggled renewed.

She stared with unseeing eyes,  “Who are you, where am I?”

At his explanation, she momentarily settled.  Her eyes glowed in the dark as she stared into the black void as if searching for someone or something.  ‘Safe’.  Was there a ‘safe’ place? Perhaps!?


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