Shock held him silent.  Portland.  “Wow, what can I say, it’s a great move for you.”

“I’ve known you for 10 months, Randal.  I feel good when we’re together.  I love our relationship.  It’s valuable and I want to continue to pursue it. This is a difficult decision, and one I must make soon, they’ve only given me a week to decide.  The offer will then be rescinded and I’m not sure it would be offered again.  They’re antsy about getting a new branch set up and running, and I’ll be in charge.”

He watched as she slumped in her chair.   She rested her chin on her upturned palm as though her head were suddenly too heavy to support.  “I’m at a crossroads I guess.  But it feels poopy!  I feel I’m being forced to choose between my career and you.  I never thought this would happen.”

“Poopy!”  he laughed then continued, “You’re not choosing between a career and me!  Sure, it’s a distance, but we can navigate around that.”

Laying her hands-on top of his she said, “I’m relieved, Randal.  I was so hoping you would say that.  I really don’t want to give “us” up.  I…was so afraid of losing you over this and I didn’t want to.”

“We’ll work something out, Sherry.  You’re too important to lose.  You’re the icing on the cake in my world.  We’re worth fighting for.”  Turning his palms upward, he captured her hands in his raising them to his lips to kiss each in turn.  He watched her anxiety melt and felt relieved and pleased he could do this for her.

They ate lunch in comfortable silence and as she relaxed, Sherry began sharing amusing moments with him about different clients and their abilities.  How empowering it was to be to help others reach their goals whether it was getting to a new stage or simply a beginning.

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4 thoughts on “Phase Shift 3

  1. Nice establishment of character relationship and potential conflict. Now knowing you what is going to gum up the works… hmmm… can’t wait to find out.

    1. lmao. Too true! Thank you for your thoughtful take on the story. It’s always unnerving in the beginning but the reception so far has been positive with is definitely a boon.

    1. Thank you Sheryl. I’m excited about this one as it’s different than the others I’ve written. I’m trying to remember how to do the connect thing but I can’t quite remember so when I get a chance later in the day, I’ll try again so I don’t get behind. Hopefully wp won’t screw it up this time either. lol

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