When she asked how work was going, he volunteered information on a particularly disturbing case minus the gory details which were too gruesome to share.  That was his burden to bear, one he’d taken on, and didn’t want to involve her in.

“I know you don’t share a lot of your work with me, just the funny stuff.  I appreciate that.  I could never be a cop, or a private eye for that matter.  I’m not strong enough to deal with the horror of it all.  I am constantly amazed at you and others who can.”

“I look at each case as a puzzle to be solved and don’t allow myself to become bogged down in the gore.  I see it, photograph it, but then I let it go.  It only comes up if there’s a clue involved.  Otherwise, it’s something to be noted but not entirely discarded.”

“Takes a strong mind and stomach to do what you do.”

“I thought I’d cook dinner on the barbecue.  It’s warm enough now and I do love a barbecue.”

“Sounds wonderful.  Do you have peppers?  I could pick up a few on the way.  Maybe stuff them with some cheese and other peppers?”

“Yeah, I have red (your favourite) and a couple of orange and green we can use for stuffing.  I saw a recipe on line I figured I’d try.  Looked interesting.”

“Your cooking skills are amazing.  You can make anything taste heavenly.”

“I enjoy cooking and I think a meal should be an event.”

“I’m sorry to eat and run.  I’ll be finished at around six.  Meet you at your place?”

“Absolutely.  I’ll be there,” he promised.

He stood and kissed her tantalizing lips with a heat that had her moving in and wrapping her arms tightly around him.  She sighed eloquently, “Mmm good.”  Touching her hand to his face she again smiled.  “Later!”

He watched her go.  Well damn!  That wasn’t expected and although not insurmountable, certainly would take ingenuity and thought to work around.  Especially when he worked on a case for days at a time.  Still, a light in his eyes he dropped money on the table and headed out, he would do this, it was just another puzzle aching for a spot to drop into.  He was good at puzzles.


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