Randal made his way out to his four seater silver automated vehicle.  He strapped in and gave the onboard computer co-ordinates.  Watching the ground fall away, his mind was free to consider his newest case.

Jeremy Webster was in a precarious position.  Someone had pilfered funds from the company; as it was his company, he had complete access and his codes were used, fingers pointed his way.  The board was, as yet, although divided on the issue, were deeply concerned about the damage this could cause stockholders, the board members, certainly the company itself. They’d hired him to investigate and find out where the break-down had occurred, hoping he’d solve the case quickly and quietly before the shit hit the fan.  Indeed, it wasn’t in his favour that Jeremy Webster had left it to the board instead of meeting the issue head on.  That was a question.  True enough, the board had demanded he take a leave of absence distancing him from the company.  That was a joke, Randal thought, since the company bore his name, there was no getting away from the inevitable.

It seemed far-fetched that a man as brilliant as Jeremy Webster would be that careless, that lax and use such a flimsy identifiable approach.  He was rolling in money, probably used it for sheets, hell the entire bed.  That he would risk everything for the pittance (comparatively) stolen, defied logic.

Having said that, stranger things had happened.  The thrill of getting, the rush of stealing, ‘the game’ as high rollers called it could be subtle in its pull to be the best, or indeed ‘best’ others.  Perhaps he’d expected to have replaced the funds before anyone was any the wiser.  That was a consideration too.

No matter who was involved, Randal would follow the clues.  There were 200 employees and 50 board members to investigate.

He hovered over his private landing pad landed hopped out of his vehicle and eagerly headed inside to his office.  Bringing up the grid he’d created, the hologram flashed immediately in place, clearly indicated names timetables and locations of everyone involved or associated in any way with the company from the upper echelon to the janitors and repair people.  No one was safe from his scrutiny.

He moved the names of those individuals that couldn’t have been involved to the bottom of the list as either they didn’t have the ability to access the information required, or didn’t have the know how to pull off the theft.

8 thoughts on “Phase Shift 5

  1. Thank you thank you. I can see again! There are no link on THIS item. There were on Blindsided, but none on here.

    Are you planning to publish this as a book? If you need a copy editor (NOT a proofreader because I’m a terrible proofreader, but a good copy editor), I can go over it for for you when you’ve got the pieces in place. It’s pretty good, but it needs a bit of editing. Lord knows I wish someone had edited MY book. Every time I read it, I am horrified at how much stuff I missed. We can’t edit our own work, you know. You read what you meant to say and not what you did say. It’s pretty much standard for all writers. I can edit your stuff, but I was hopeless with my own.

    1. That would be wonderful. I might take you up on that. Because w/o messed things up and I’ve been trying to put the pieces back together ever since.

    2. The links work if you click on Phase Shift in the drop down bar. Although I tried this morning and it seemed to work on mine, but I was on the tablet not the computer and it showed up. This tech stuff so confuses me. I do exactly what my son says and it doesn’t work, but it works for him every time. A computer can nearly implode and he walks over, talks to it haha metaphorically speaking touches the damn thing and presto it works like a fraken charm! He has a gift, I swear they know he’s coming and decide to behave! lol its truly uncanny!

    3. I’ll sort Blindsided out, then figure a way to send it to you and lordy lordy, if it makes money, that’ll be the only way I can pay you, but I will pay you. what’s half of 3.79? roflmao big bucks I can tell you!

    4. What I’m currently doing is copying Blindsided from the blog onto the computer in order to fix the spacing and take out repeated bits that happened when I tried to piece it back together. For whatever reason, the copy I saved to the computer (I write by the seat of my pants) has disappeared. The comp is getting old and I’m having difficulties with it and it doesn’t want to start and talk to the internet so my son bought me a lap top. I’ve copied everything from this one to it, but it doesn’t have Micro. Office on it yet. Everything is there, except Blindsided. That’ll take a couple days as he hasn’t had a day off and this week only gets one. Next week he gets three so I’m hoping he’ll have more time. He was up until 2 this morning working on this then got ready for work and was up at 7 to leave. They’ve promoted him (without pay) to teach the new “box” which he had to install here first, it doesn’t have the range the last one had, wifi signal doesn’t reach upstairs well. In a year they’ll have the proper bits that expand the signal. He spends a lot of time reconnecting and repairing. It’s a boon in his cap to have his abilities recognized and he’s damn good at what he does, but he’ll be freelancing to get this project up and running for a bit, an added hour a day from home which he’s ok with. He’s hoping it turns into full time. After his next days off his shift changes to 9:30 to 2 30. He won’t have to get up quite as early (him being a night owl anyway) would work best. Long and short I know, lol just explaining where I am. When I can get the proof reading done, then I’d love to get the story to you. Your tablet couldn’t read it as I recall so we’ll have to figure out a way to send it that works for you.

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